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We master the diversity

Valves perform all kinds of tasks - and the possibilities for their conversion are just as diverse. With our near 30 years of experience, we are ideally equipped to handle any situation and will convert your valves cost-effectively and in a futureproof fashion.

A small selection of conversions:

  • Fitting valves with heating jackets
  • Conversion to check valve with shut-off capability
  • Indicator devices
  • Refit valves with regulator ball
  • Sealing water ports
  • Fitting check valves with lever and weight
  • Seals
  • Insulation caps for cold medium use
  • Installation of position switches
  • Spindle extensions
  • Remote controls for valves
  • Installation of sprockets
  • Installation of electrical motors and gears
    (valves fitted with adapter flanges)
  • Valves fitted with butt weld ends or socket weld ends
  • Clean air conversion (in accordance with VDI 2440)


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